At the crossroads of millennia

Relevant for: India, USA
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Israel. People look for and find hope here.

We set foot on the land of Living God to make our dreams come true. We are the winners of the Reward Trip Program “At the Crossroads of the Millenia”.

Israel. The 24th country of Siberian Health. It’s a very serious trip and each day is special. But the most important thing is to touch history, the living history.

Today someone will breathe in moist thick with sea salt air of Eilat and Tel Aviv for the first time. Everything will change. Forever.

— It’s my first trip and it’s with Siberian Health. But this trip has really chosen me.

This country is where the world began. The beginning of the world, the beginning of the human history, the beginning of everything new which happens to us.

We landed in Tel Aviv. Modern, busy, and industrial, Tel Aviv breathes out history.

The name of this Reward Trip Program “At the Crossroads of the Millenia” fully reflects the main idea.

We found the Jaffa, one of the main ports of ancient Israel, in the south.

It’s a road from the past to the future, from one civilization to the other, from one nation to the other.

— The first hotel impressed us a lot. The view, Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean Sea, very beautiful.

But the heart of Israel is Jerusalem, the Holy Land, the Land of three religions: Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. The Jewish people pray three times a day with their faces turned to Jerusalem. They know: God is here.

The Judean Desert. The western coast of the Dead Sea. Now we are leaving for Masada to visit the fortress.

The ancient fortress built by Herod, the Jews descendant. A forbidding mountain.

You can smell the salt. We came up to the lake. It’s not a mirage. It’s the Dead Sea. We are looking at you from the depth of creation. The coast of the Dead Sea is the lowest part of earth.

The Dead Sea is amazing. The water is not only salty, it seems fat. It’s unbelievable as if you float. Like in a boat. Unparalleled.

More than this. Israel will give us the Red Sea.

Eilat. The underwater world which you can see without any special equipment. The Eilat coast which is a wilderness area. It’s a trip which brings you to a higher level of knowledge and experience.

— I couldn’t expect that I would see so many places within such a small time frame.

— Siberian Health is a company which makes dreams come true. It’s not only rest in fabulous conditions but also an unflagging source of personal development. Within seven day I got more impressions than I hadn’t had for all my life.

— When I started Business with the Company I set the goal to travel for the rest of my life. I want to see the whole world.

On this trip we’ve become stronger and happier. We’ve gained new knowledge which is surely going to change us for the better. We will leave but this country will always stay with us. Because memory is an amazing thing.